Dice Bubble 2018

Dice Bubble 2018

Dice Bubble 2018

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Time: February 02, 2018 at 06:00 PM
Length: 3 days
Location: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Event Staff


Three Bubbles for the Writers typing away,
Seven for the GMs frantically printing,
Nine for LARPers ready to play,
One for the Organizers and their devious thinking...


One Bubble to Rule them All

A weekend of LARP Minigames & Panels at RPI running February 2nd to February 4th!

Bubbles are free-to-play weekends run by the RPI community of LARPers. Many of the LARPs have been written by members of the community. Others are classic 4-hour games that are tried and true. So join us for the semiannual LARP Weekend held on the RPI campus!

Sign-Ups for Games:
Thursday, January 4th @ 8pm (1 sign up per person)
Friday, January 5th @ 8pm (2 sign ups per person)
Saturday, January 6th @ 8pm (sign up for as many games as you want)

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
110 8th Street
Troy, NY 12180

What is LARP?
I can no longer attend a LARP at Bubble, what should I do?


Bubble Policies
GM Policies
JGM Program

Where else can I LARP?

Want to help an Event at Bubble?

If you would like to bid a LARP or Panel, all you have to do is fill out the following form:
Dice Bubble 2018 Event Submission Form
Bids will remain open until December 19th. (Bids for Dice Bubble 2018 are now closed)

The Junior Game Master program is an initiative that seeks to pair up our new JGMs, who would like more experience, with Lead GMs who could use some extra help running their game. Click the link below to sign-up!
Junior GM Form
JGM Sign-ups will remain open until December 19th. (JGM sign-ups for Dice Bubble 2018 are now closed)

Are there are any LARPs that have run in the past that you would like to see run at Bubble? Fill out the Game Interest form and we can reach out to authors/GMs and see if they are interested in running. We can't make anyone bid anything, but we can communicate your interest to them. Sometimes knowing people have interest in a game is all the motive the creator needs.
Game Interest


90 attendees